Black Walnut Burl in Walnut Frame

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Black Walnut Burl in Walnut Frame by Koka-Bora Creations

- Brand: Koka-Bora Creations
- Product Code: Frame-Walnut_Burl_Walnut-Wall_Art
- Weight: 2884g
- Dimensions: 770mm x 91mm x 11mm
- Availability: 1
CAD $221.24


Black Walnut Burl in Walnut Frame by Koka-Bora Creations

This is one of Nature's artistic expressions. The Black Walnut Burl framed inside a Black Walnut frame show the drastic differences of the wood pattern and grain within the same species of wood. The burl is characterized with a mixture of dark chocolate and pale brown colour and swirly grain. On the other side the frame has brown colour and straight grain. Together the combination forms a stunning piece of art.

The process for creating this art was simple, yet involved. The first step was to glue the veneer onto 3mm Baltic Birch veneer core plywood; then gluing it to 6mm Baltic Birch veneer core plywood that serves as the canvas. This way the veneer will be raised from the canvas to give it a 3D effect. Any imperfections in the veneer such as cracks, missing pieces, have been artistically emphasized. Once the canvas was ready, it was fit inside the Black Walnut frame.

The entire frame has been finished with Pure Tung Oil. The Tung Oil penetrates the wood to emphasize the grain and colour. The oil does not contain artificial thinners or cure-accelerants and is approved for food-contact items.

This is a truly stunning work of art that you can hand on your wall. You can orient the frame either horizontally or vertically as shown in the images. Please note changing the orientation will require adjusting the hanging hooks (using the pre-drilled holes) and wire tension.

Note: the weight is in grams; the dimensions are in millimeters and shown as length by width by height.

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