Pen Case in Cherry Wood

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Pen Case in Cherry Wood by Koka-Bora Creations

- Brand: Koka-Bora Creations
- Product Code: Pen_Case-Cherry
- Weight: 300g
- Dimensions: 180mm x 80mm x 40mm
- Availability: Pre-Order
CAD $35.40

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Pen Case in Cherry Wood by Koka-Bora Creations

To help you show off your pen, a wooden case is what's required.

The wooden case is made from a single peice of of North American Cherry wood. This piece is particularly unique as it contains both the lighter-coloured sapwood and darker heartwood.

Each pen case has been hollowed out to fit each pen individually. For example, the case shown here has been hollowed out to fit the Emperor and other thick pens. Smaller pens will have smaller sections that are hollowed out. Once you select a pen, the pen case will be made to fit that particular pen. For additional information on pen cases, please Contact Us directly.

The wood is finished with Pure Tung Oil. The Tung Oil penetrates the wood to emphasize the grain and colour. The oil does not contain artificial thinners or cure-accelerants and is approved for food-contact items.

The pen case features hidden brass hinges that open 180 degrees enabling the pen case to be completely opened and placed on a flat surface like an office desk. The pen case also has a brass latch to hold the two halves together.

Note: the weight is in grams of both the box and the pen together; the dimensions are in millimeters and shown as length by width by height of the wooden pen case. The dimensions of smaller pen cases might be smaller than one shown here.

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