Vertex Style Ballpoint Pen or Pencil in Red Palm

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Vertex Style Ballpoint Pen or Pencil in Red Palm by Koka-Bora Creations

- Brand: Koka-Bora Creations
- Product Code: Vertex-Red_Palm-BP-PL
- Weight: 36.3g
- Dimensions: 142mm x 19mm x 15mm
- Availability: Pre-Order
CAD $61.95

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Vertex Style Ballpoint Pen or Pencil in Red Palm by Koka-Bora Creations

A stylish pen or a pencil that you can use daily. Simply click and write away!

Crafted from a single piece of Red Palm, this pen or pencil showcases the natural beauty of the wood. The wood is nearly opposite of the typical outer sapwood/inner heartwood combination found in dicot hardwoods: fibers are more densely packed toward the outside of the tree trunk and become more and more sparse toward the center of the tree. The center core of the tree is soft and contains none of the darker vascular bundles that give the wood its characteristic look and hardness.

The wood is turned to a barrel shape and finished with Pure Tung Oil and Carnauba-based Wax. The Tung Oil penetrates the wood to emphasize the grain and colour. The oil does not contain artificial thinners or cure-accelerants and is approved for food-contact items. The Carnauba-based wax forms a light 'skin' finish which serves as an additional layer of protection. The combination of the two finishes emphasize the beauty of the wood while preserving its natural feel.

Available in two styles: ballpoint pen, and 2mm pencil.

The ballpoint pen comes with a Parker-style refill. To access the refill, unscrew the writing tip from the body. Make sure you retain and install the spring on the new refill.

The pencil takes a 2mm pencil lead and has a built in eraser and sharpener. To access the eraser, unscrew the cap from the back. To access the sharpener, simply remove the end cap; to sharpen, insert the pencil lead into the sharpener opening, and roll the sharpener. Removing the sharepenr also gives you access to the pencil lead chamber in case you need to refill it.

Customization for this penor pencil is available. Customization comes in the form of an inscription of up to 5 words that will be burnt onto the wood in one or two lines matching, as closely as possible, the font you provide. To have your pen customized, simply select 'Customize Body' in the customization option and upload an image with your text.

This pen and pencil are so functional, they may never leave your hand. Complimentary velvet pouch is included with the purchase; the pen holder in the images is sold separately.

Note: the weight is in grams; the dimensions are in millimeters and shown as length of closed pen by height of pen with clip by largest diameter of the wooden body.

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