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Writing Instruments

Hand crafted writing instruments designed for daily use. These writing instruments will stun you with their:
   - visual attractiveness of a single wood piece: No two trees and no two peices of wood in the same tree are alike. Because of the varied colour, the combination of heartwood and sapwood, or just plain play of the grain, seeing that will draw your eyes to the immence beauty of the raw wood. All natural imperfections have been left to further define the artistic nature of the wood itself.
   - historical significance: Some of the wood used in making these instruments has been dated to be thousands of years old. Bog Oak - dated to be 5,450 years old - and Ancient Kauri - dated to be over 30,000 years old are two of the examples. What a unique way to hold Earth's history in your hands and enjoy the beauty of it.
   - compatability: often times two or more pieces of wood are combined to create a multi-wood and multi-colour wood blank.

All items are hand made and hence all stock levels reflect the one of a kind nature of wood. If you order more than the quantity avialable, all items wil be made from the wood indicated, however, their colour and grain may vary.

Lighter coloured woods offer the possiblity of further cusotmization where a maximum of two lines can be burnt onto the wood.

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