Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple
  • Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple
  • Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple
  • Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple
  • Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple
  • Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple

Artist Style Pencil in Spalted Maple


  • - Brand: Koka-Bora Creations
  • - Product Code: Artist-Spalted_Maple-PL
  • - Availability: Pre-Order
  • - Weight:0.05kg
  • - Dimensions (L x W x H):12.00cm x 1.80cm x 1.80cm
CAD $70.80

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Heavy duty, practical mechanical pencil with a 5.6mm lead. Due to the large size of the lead, it uses gravity to propel itself. When protracting it, place your hand under the tip to prevent the pencil lead from falling to the ground.

Crafted from a single piece of Spalted Maple from Goderich, Ontario area, this pencil showcases the absolute uniqueness of the wood. This particular wood piece comes from the area that is close to the bark on one side (the cap) and borders the spalted area on the other. An abolutely amazing array of colour randing from white/yellowing, to pink, to the dark gray and black in the spalted section. A turly unique piece of wood that is not found anywhere else.

The wood has a barrel shape and is finished with Pure Tung Oil and Carnauba-based Wax. The Tung Oil penetrates the wood to emphasize the grain and colour. The oil does not contain artificial thinners or cure-accelerants and is approved for food-contact items. The Carnauba-based wax forms a light 'skin' finish which serves as an additional layer of protection. The combination of the two finishes emphasize the beauty of the wood while preserving its natural feel.

The hardware has a chrome finish with an integrated sharpener. To access the sharpener and the lead chamber, unscrew the end cap. The inside of the cap contains four tiny blades which are used to sharpencil the lead by twisting motion.

The pencil comes with a 5.6mm thick black 4B pencil lead. If you would like a different one or have additional questions, please Contact Us directly.

Customization is available. Customization comes in the form of an inscription of up to 5 words that will be burnt onto the wood in one or two lines matching, as closely as possible, the font you provide. To have your pencil customized, simply select 'Customize Tip Section' or 'Customize Sharpener Section' in the customization option and upload an image with your text.

A truly unique creation by nature that fits in your hand. Complimentary velvet pouch is included with the purchase; the pencil holder in the images is sold separately.

Note: the weight is in grams; the dimensions are in millimeters and shown as length of closed pencil by height of pencil with clip by largest diameter of the wooden body.

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