Custom Clock Housing in Butternut

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Custom Clock Housing in Butternut by Koka-Bora Creations

- Brand: Koka-Bora Creations
- Product Code: Clock_Housing-Butternut
- Weight: 2200g
- Dimensions: 406.4mm x 406.4mm x 101.6mm
- Availability: Pre-Order
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Custom Clock Housing in Butternut by Koka-Bora Creations

Here's a transformation case where the aluminium metal housing of the clock has been replaced by beutifully grained wood to create a stunning new look.

The wood chosen by the customer is Butternut – tree native to Southern Ontario. The wood has the same hardness, workability, and grain as red oak or ash, but with darker colour. The open pore grain provides for a nice relief feature on the wood.

Unlike traditional methods where the clock housing has been cut on a bandsaw and sanded to almost round shape, the housing of this clock has been turned on a lather ensuring perfect circle. The two straight edged pieces at the back serve three functions:
    i) provide leveling and support when the clock is mounted;     ii) protect the continuous sweep movement from damage;     iii) keep the clock dial and glass firmly seated against the wooden frame.

The clock movement and hands have also been replaced as part of the facelift. The 110V electric movement that plugs into the wall has been removed and a continuous sweep movement put in it's place. The new movement operates on a bettery, which facilitates the placement of the clock in any room or any wall without the need for electrical outlet. In addition, it runs cooler and quieter.

The clock is wall-mountable with the help of a coated metal wire. The wire supports loads of up to 4.6kg (10lbs), which is beyond the weight of the clock.

Beautiful new clock to decorate the house.

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